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We understand how difficult and frightening it is to face criminal charges.  The court process can be overwhelming, with all of the legalese and complicated proceedings that are involved.  And the stakes are high. Being convicted of a crime can have devastating effects on you and your family.  You may face the loss of a job, your driving privileges, or your liberty.

We seek to provide our clients with personalized service, tailored to fit each specific case.  If you have been arrested, charged, or convicted, we will take the time to listen to you and ensure that we understand your circumstances and goals. We will investigate the case against you and give you a reasoned, honest opinion regarding the strength of the prosecutor’s case and your potential defenses.

We are here to guide you through the legal process and explain your rights.  We want to help you present as strong a defense as possible, and will take your case to trial if necessary to protect your interests.  Call Woods Kyle, LLP today to see if we can help.

Woods Kyle, LLP is a law firm based in Franklin, Indiana.  We handle cases in Johnson County and surrounding areas.